Water Inflatables

Water Slide

Our waterslide has a double lane slide that can be used wet or dry and has a landing pool.


Size: 19' H x 18' W x 25' L

Dual Surf & Slide Water Slide

Cool down on a hot day with one of these popular water rides. The Surf & Slide and Dual Surf & Slide both allow kids to have a blast sliding across 34' of slippery runway.


Size: 34' L x 16' W x 9' H

Wild Wave

Wild Wave Jr. is sure to delight;  it's a 19' user-friendly water slide that is great for those backyard rentals. This slide features a welded replaceable liner.


Size: 33' L x 14.6' W x 19' H

Big Kahuna Waterslide

Beat the Heat! Bring the water slide to you, let the cool rushing water wisk you down the ninteen foot slide. At the midway "hump" in the slide, you grab air and the pool catches you at the bottom. What summers were made for. Exciting ride from the moment we arrive.


Size 38' L x 26' W x 17' H

Wild Splash

Get ready for a wet and wild ride! Perfect for summertime backyard parties. Remember the old Slip N Slide we used to lay on the ground? You won't believe how much fun it is now! This inflatable gives kids a fast smooth ride. Hoses sprinkle water down from above as kids zoom across the slide. Kids of all ages love this ride.


Size: 25' L x 20' W x 20' H